Hamilton Tomo Group

Caves, Caving, Exploration and Cave Conservation

HTG is an active caving club with trips about once a month and occasional socials in Hamilton. There are trips for all levels so come along and enjoy the adventure and join the club

HTG's hut is located in Waitomo. It is a great place to stay whether you are an individual, group or school.  Click link above for details or book below.

Caves & Caving

Caves are an amazing places, to explore and protect. Waitomo and the Wiakato King Country having hundreds of precious caves. Learn about whats out there and how to protect it

Club Hut Bookings

The club hut situated just 2km  west of Waitomo village, at 155 Te Anga Road. It is available for booking by individuals, groups, schools and youth groups. We offer differenr arrangements for each. Please follow the links below. 

HTG is one of the oldest caving clubs in New Zealand and has been actively exploring the caves of Waitomo and the rest of New Zealand and the World  since 1949. The club has a large hut conveniently located just outside the village of Waitomo Caves in the west of the North Island and about 40 minutes south of Hamilton. 

Caving & Club Trips

Caves are a challenging and delicate environment that deserves to be respected and preserved. Its best to explore them with people who know them. But there are some amazing adventures to be had. The club runs regular club trips throughout the year to both visit the caves and practice the more advance rope techniques needed for vertical caves. Drop us an email and we will tell you whats coming up - info@htg.org.nz

IronStone Cave

A technical trip by group members to Ironstone which is near Harwoods Hole on Takaka hill, near Nelson. If you want to know how the cave was found there is a good video here

WaipuNA CAve

A fun club trip to the classic Waipuna Cave in Wiatomo. Where there is a "duck" at the end. Most of the cave is dry !!, the duck is just before you pop out of the bottom entrance into the daylight

Club Trip to Luckie Strike

A chance for everyone to get underground and have an explore in Luckie Strike Cave. A bit of scrambling some amazing formation and a chance to crawl around in the stream

On the Ropes / SRT Practice

Single rope technique at Virginia Cave on a club trip. As members progress the club runs training courses on the use of ropes and there are plenty of trips each year to practice

Caving Adventure Adventures

Caving is fun at lots of levels its not all about squeezing through small spaces. The club runs trips for members at all levels from an introduction to caving where you are underground for just a few hours. Through to members challenging themselves on expeditions to the South Island involving ropes and camping underground. Caving is a real team sport, which HTG really promotes, its more fun in a group anyway.If you are up for the challenge there is plenty of technical skills to learn. But if you are just out for a weekend adventure and to take some pictures HTG trips offer that to.

The Hamilton Tomo Group is an affiliated club of the New Zealand Speleological Society for more information on caving nationally go to caves.org.nz which is the NZSS's website