HUT Information

HTG's club hut is a great place to stay. situated 1km west of Waitomo Caves village, on the Te Anga road it is right on the Te Araroa. The hut is more of a lodge with a range of dorm rooms, big kitchen and plenty of hot water for showers. The hut can sleep up to 36 easily but is cosy enough for individuals.

Individuals are $20 per night for adults and $15 for children under 16, book online at the link above and pay when you stay. Camping is $20 per person per night.

Groups and schools see rates on booking page.

What can you expect at HTG Hut:

  • Buildings: The club hut is split into two buildings, a "dorm block" and main building with kitchen and lounge. There is also a large covered area for getting changed out of caving gear and storing / drying equipment.

  • Accomodation: The dorm block is split into seven bunk rooms comfortably sleeping about 30-40 people; Sleeping facilities are all contained in the dorm block. Some bunks are sleeping platforms that allow a width of 70 centimeters per person. Children may require a little less. Main Bunk Room: Contains a double height sleeping platform style bunk which accommodates 6-7 adults per level or 14 in total for the room. Smaller Bunk Room: Contains a narrower double height sleeping platform which accommodates 4-5 adults per level or 10 in total for the room. Five smaller rooms accommodate up to 14 people in single bunks. No bedding is provided all are just bare bunks. Bring bedding, pillow and sleeping bag.

  • Toilet and bathroom facilities: consist of 2 showers and 1 toilet in the dorm block. With a further 2 showers and 2 toilets at the other end of the building ideal for showering after caving etc. Toilet rolls, and cleaning equipment are provided.

  • Cooking: The kitchen has two electric stoves, and all utensils, cutlery, crockery (It is however mismatched and procured by donation or from op shops.), and a zip/water heater.

  • Living Areas: Lounge, dining room and outside BBQ area and deck. There is a large room containing wood-burning stove and a range of re-cycled couches and chairs for relaxing in. Along with two large tables adjacent to the kitchen for meals.

  • There are USB charging points for 'phones and tablets in all areas of the accommodation.

Couple of things to note about your stay:

  • The hut is usually locked and does not usually have a warden, you will need the key code which is sent to you on confirmation of the booking.

  • Club Members / Exclusive Booking: The Hut cannot be exclusively booked out; it has an “open door” policy for members and is used by various caving groups especially on weekends. However it is seldom occupied on weekdays.

Booking Process

The booking process is a two step process, once you have selected your dates and numbers press 'Book' and a request will be sent to club members. We will try to process it in 48hrs. or so. Once we have done that you receive a booking confirmation with access codes included. We will also send you an automated email 7 days before you arrive if you have booked ahead. That way you get any updated key codes.


  • Individual bookings: are in cash only paid when you arrive into the "honesty box" in the main room next to the entrance. Instructions are in the hut.

  • Group & School Bookings: These can be paid by direct debit after your stay, let us know on the booking form if you need an invoice.