Go Caving or Join the Club

Club Trips \ Come Along

Caving can be a challenging sport and your first introduction to caving is much better done with friends. So come and join one of our regular monthly club trips and try it out in a safe environment with experienced cavers. If you send us an email membership@htg.org.nz We will let you know what we have on in terms of suitable trips in the next few months. Because we run a range of trips the first suitable one may be a couple of weeks away. Club trips are always great fun with a range of ages from 8 - 80 depending on the cave and its challenges.

You don't need to be a club member to join a club trip. Come along have some fun then see if caving is for you and then join HTG.

What Can you expect on your first club trip?

Trips normally start at our club hut in Waitomo. The trip leader who has emailed you will let you know what time to meet and what you need to bring. But we have a list of what you will normally need below.

Club trips are always aimed at the level of people on them. So while they might sometimes be a bit damp and they will always be in the dark!! There won't be anything too challenging.

What do I need to bring with me? & Can I hire any gear?

What should I bring on my trip? What should I wear?

You can use clothing and equipment you already have or is cheap and can be reused for other purposes.

Most caves have streams in them so you may get wet and cold, it may involve some scrambling, clambering, and crawling.

Please do not wear cotton clothing for caving.

Note: Caves are hard on clothing and equipment, and can cause considerable wear and tear. White clothing will end up coloured brown from muddy caves.

Joining Hamilton Tomo Group & New Zealand Speleological Society

Please come along to a few trips before you join the club. You definitely don't have to be a member to come on your first few trips or stay at the hut. When you are ready to join talk to a committee member at one of the trips and they will send you a membership form or contact membership@htg.org.nz 

As HTG is an affiliated club to the NZSS you have to join both. But the NZSS has lots of benefits and is well worth it. Yearly membership for an individual is $35/NZSS + $25/HTG = Total $60. Family and youth membership are small additions to these and listed in the form.